Webinar: A Practical Approach to RPA Success (video)

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IBA Group & Amplio Technologies hosted a webinar on a practical approach to deploying a value-unlocking automation programme.

On the session, speakers also presented IBA’s enterprise-ready automation platform with no license fees, EasyRPA, designed for the development, running, and monitoring of software robots.

Webinar timeline:

00:00 – 21:30 – Think Long Term, Deliver Value in the Short, and Scale Fast – 12 Steps to Success by Stuart McMillan

21:55 – 41:50 – RPA pricing models. Why programming is the key to better process automation? by Alex Burak

42:00 – 45:35 Demo Case

Who we are?

IBA Group is an IT services expert that has been one of the key service providers for IBM for 28 years.  IBA Group’s engineers plunged into Digital Business Transformation projects in 2013, when only a few people in the world realized that these technologies will be at the forefront of demand in just a couple of years.

More details on the IBA Group website

Amplio Technologies are experts in the application of emerging technology to unlock significant value in business activities. We are passionate about taking a holistic approach promoting collaborative effort; leveraging the inherent expertise of both people and technology to create combined efficiencies that are greater than the sum of its parts. Partnering with Amplio is your digital delivery guarantee.

More details on the Amplio Technologies website

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