About Us

About Us

Who We Are?

IBA Group is an IT services expert that has been one of the key service providers for IBM for 28 years. IBA Group’s engineers plunged into Digital Business Transformation projects in 2013, when only a few people in the world realized that these technologies will be at the forefront of demand in just a couple of years.

70 +
certified RPA & ML specialists
500 +
automated processes
17 +
years of expertise in various technologies and large vendor solutions
vast developer network

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What Sets Us Apart

To verify our commitment to adhering to various international standards, please visit our dedicated compliance page.

Dual Expertise:

We excel both as platform architects and seasoned implementers. This ensures a more intimate understanding of your Robotic and Intelligent Process Automation needs.

BPM Domain Mastery:

We bring extensive domain experience covering the IBM tech stack, SAP, and more, enabling us to systematically approach automation programs.

Customized Approach:

We are a company that is sufficiently large to handle enterprise-level projects while maintaining the ability to provide boutique-level services.

Vast Developer Network:

Our support network includes over 2500+ experienced developers who contribute to the success of our projects worldwide.


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