We do not sell robots.
We automate business processes


Built-in mechanisms for document processing
using OCR and ML work without the limit
on the number of documents


No visual editor with flowcharts —
no limitations in development
and modification of software robots

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EasyRPA Helps Automate Work with:

Web-based applications

Desktop applications

SAP applications

Java and Oracle Forms applications

Applications written to run in terminals or mainframes

Remote desktop applications, including Citrix and Windows Remote Desktop

EasyRPA Robots Can Support:

Data extraction

Data transfer and system integration, using application interfaces

Data conversion and data verification

ERP and CRM access

Data analysis and report generation

What is EasyRPA

Our approach is 2-3x cheaper than mainstream RPA platforms when fully deployed in a production environment. You don’t need to pay for licenses, you pay only for what you really need—i.e., effectively automated business processes, —guaranteeing no vendor lock-in and eliminating unused licenses often bundled by vendors.

EasyRPA supports attended and unattended robots with centralized management and hybrid automation (with a human in the loop) that allow human employees and RPA robots work together.

EasyRPA is an implementation-first Robotic Process Automation platform, designed for the development, deployment, running, and monitoring of modern software robots.

All in one place for end-to-end AI-driven process automation — EasyRPA AI Module is fully integrated into the platform. 

The list of automation process reusable components is constantly growing to ensure continuous improvement. We can easily automate work with any software platform, with no need for integration.

The platform includes built-in OCR engine and supports integration with ABBYY FlexiCapture software.

Why EasyRPA

Unique Benefits for Business

Granular security allows to limit access to every component in the system.


Built in charts and graphs allow to monitor system workload and business process performance.


CI/CD integration allows to check for process correctness after modifications.


Built in storage tools allow seamless business process deployment.

Standard Human Tasks allow building user interaction as easy as configuring input fields and their types.


Custom Human Tasks allow to build any UI to accomplish customer needs.


Ability to execute the business process on demand on a user machine.


All in one place for end-to-end AI-driven process automation.

Java has the biggest set of utility libraries available.


Java allows to built efficient, scalable, and maintainable software robots.


Faster development of complex processes comparing to low-code platforms.


The same standards and common reusable components for all business processes across the organization.

Built in free ML/OCR engines (no pay-per-page license). Possible integration with other Information Extraction platforms.


Zero license fee. 2-3x cheaper than mainstream RPA platforms when fully deployed in a production environment.

Common Benefits from RPA:


Core Competency: productivity increase and capacity optimization

Labor costs: 1/3 of an offshore full-time employee (FTE) cost and 1/9 of an onshore FTE cost

Customer Experience: 24/7 availability and greater accuracy.

Is your process suitable for EasyRPA?

Average response time 1-4 min.

Is your process suitable for EasyRPA?

Average response time 1-4 min.

Delivery Model

We consult and assess business proccesses to be automated

Develop solution architecture

Programm enterprise-ready “software robots”

Once launched in production, the process runs without any license fees

Programming Brings Maximum Agility to RPA

EasyRPA is not a low-code platform. This ensures faster development of complex processes compared to low-code platforms, providing maximum flexibility in robot development. Unlike other vendors, we don’t treat process alterations as entirely new projects that need to be built from scratch. For significant process changes, we offer quick code modifications.


Low-code platforms make a pitch for the idea that business users are able to code quality robots on their own. But according to IDC, this is not always the case. Only 18-32% of robots developed by business users perform well, although RPA projects in general are successful in 89% of cases.


Professional developers quickly create robots that perform their tasks without errors. It is unusual for programmers to operate in a visual environment: it is more convenient for them to write code, and not to move visual builder blocks. Therefore, we have developed the EasyRPA platform, which is suitable for developers.


This approach makes robotic process automation faster and more flexible compared to low-code platforms.

The key feature of EasyRPA is easy development of Java code for robots. This allows us to apply the best engineering practices – unit tests and source code control. Consequently, processes are automated and run faster, with fewer errors. If the user interface or the method of authorization in the system changes, we adjust only one component, without rebuilding the entire process.

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