Up to 5 automated processes
with no license fee


Built-in mechanisms for document processing
using OCR and ML work without the limit
on the number of documents


No visual editor with flowcharts —
no limitations in development
and modification of software robots

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EasyRPA helps automate work with:

Web-based applications

Desktop applications

SAP applications

Java and Oracle Forms applications

Remote desktop applications, including Citrix and Windows Remote Desktop

EasyRPA robots can support:

Data extraction

Data transfer and system integration, using application interfaces

Data conversion and data verification

ERP and CRM access

Data analysis and report generation

What is EasyRPA

EasyRPA is an implementation-first Robotic Process Automation platform, designed for the development, deployment, running, and monitoring of modern software robots.

EasyRPA supports attended and unattended robots with centralized management and hybrid automation (with a human in the loop) that allow human employees and RPA robots work together.

The list of automation process reusable components is constantly growing to ensure continuous improvement. We can easily automate work with any software platform, with no need for integration.

All in one place for end-to-end AI-driven process automation — EasyRPA AI Module is fully integrated into the platform.  Сustomers pay for ML only when they need it.

The platform includes built-in OCR engine and supports integration with ABBYY FlexiCapture software.

Why EasyRPA

Unique Benefits


Unified development standards for all robots


Scalability. Common reusable components in all organization business processes to minimize automation errors.


Seamless integration with your systems

An agile platform that is compatible with all types of systems. No need for extra drivers, plug-ins, or extensions.


Maximum freedom in robot development

A Java-based platform with a robot framework that unifies automation, libraries, and samples, any IDE, or other artifacts of CI/CD pipeline you want.

Common benefits from RPA:


Business reducing labor costs (in-house/outsourced)

Business reducing IT costs – budgets to modification and innovation of legacy systems or making usability enhancements

Greater accuracy, fewer manual errors

24/7 availability

Is your process suitable for EasyRPA?

Average response time 1-4 min.

Is your process suitable for EasyRPA?

Average response time 1-4 min.

Delivery Model

Programming brings maximum agility to RPA

Technological complexities and legacies reside inside organizations. They are difficult to manage. They impede organizations’ ability to scale. Our clients don’t need to create any patchworks on homegrown legacy systems.


Code automation is more powerful than low-code automation application builders. Libraries of reusable components for automation are a part of EasyRPA core capabilities, which allow us to apply the best development practices, including unit tests and source code management.


As a result, the processes are automated and executed faster and with fewer lags. In case of logging in procedure or user interface modify we make edits only in one component rather than rebuild the number of processes.

We consult and assess business proccesses to be automated

Develop solution architecture

Programme enterprise-ready “software robots”

Deploy EasyRPA platform. Up to 5 automated processes with no license fee

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