Migrating a Complete Set of Blue Prism Robots to EasyRPA for a Large Insurance Company

Organization: UK based Large Insurance Company

Goal: A major insurance company discovered that maintaining processes automated with the BluePrism platform no longer provided the ROI that had been realised previously. However, they were not ready to abandon the automation that had already been implemented. The company wished to quickly and seamlessly migrate to a platform with a zero licensing cost.


85% of the robot code
was converted automatically

11 robots
were converted in 6 months

The client saved $50k
on their license cost


The main challenge involved migrating the enterprise’s Blue Prism robots to EasyRPA. The client was pressed for time and resources and needed to finish the migration project as soon as possible, taking into account the following:

  • Production business processes executed by BluePrism robots should not be interrupted.
  • Complex logic in robots — especially rewriting large processes — is challenging. If performed by a new team, it can prove doubly costly.
  • Robot architecture and algorithms should be retained to both avoid huge efforts in retesting and also to ensure support is easier in cases where there is a lack of documentation.
  • Minimisation of migration efforts.


  • The IBA Group team used its Blue Prism to EasyRPA converter, which converted 85% of the code automatically!
  • After manual adjustment and testing, robots were deployed to the staging environment, where their behaviour was compared with production Blue Prism robots to achieve a 100% match.
  • Once tested, EasyRPA robots were deployed to the production environment and the corresponding Blue Prism robots were switched off.


  • 85% of the robot code was converted automatically.
  • 11 robots were converted in 6 months.
  • The client saved $50k on their license cost.

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