Inventory and Pricing Management Automation for a Leading UK Furniture Retail Company


A key furniture producer and seller in the UK


Our client was seeking to streamline and enhance operational efficiency through Robotic Process Automation


95% process automation

16x faster manual handling time

0% human error in terms of price book updates


The furniture company found itself in a situation where it had initially opted for a high-end RPA platform from a top-tier vendor, filled with premium features and capabilities. As time went on, however, the client discovered that the substantial upfront investment in the expensive licensing fees did not align with the returns being generated. In light of this, the furniture market leader turned to IBA Group, looking for a more feasible and effective solution that would not only offer value for money but also ensure that the automation would truly deliver the desired benefits.


To address these challenges, IBA Group’s team of experts initiated a systematic approach. A dedicated Business Analyst meticulously evaluated the process to determine potential implementation costs. A preliminary budget was calculated, factoring in potential risks that might impact the project’s scope and timeline. After gaining access to the client’s internal system, IBA Group embarked on an implementation journey based on a ‘time & materials’ (T&M) model. This approach enabled IBA Group to optimize resource allocation and adapt to any emerging changes or requirements.

The implementation phase focused on developing the automation process. Notably, IBA Group adopted a unique approach — development costs were linked to the complexity of the working process rather than the number of robots involved. This approach provided a clear cost structure that accurately reflected the effort expended. Furthermore, IBA Group ensured seamless integration of the automated process into the client’s environment, eliminating the need for additional licenses post-launch.

Process overview


  • Prepare a Google Spreadsheet document with a table of products. Each row contains a cost price, a sale price, and a commission percentage per region/country. Approximately 10 price books are needed for each region; one input file roughly consists of 1,000 price updates.
  • Launch the Author web application, search for a corresponding price book based on region, and update the prices for a certain product.
  • Launch Retail’s application via a mainframe terminal, search for a price book and a product, and update the


The successful implementation of the RPA solution yielded significant results:

95% process automation, 16x faster manual handling time, and 0% human error in terms of price book updates.

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